the trauma care audio guided meditations

Your Next Step in Healing Complex Trauma and PTSD

Meditation for working through Post-Traumatic Stress isn’t about relaxing. It is about slowly guiding you back into the body, while at the same time helping you to hold enough space for yourself in awareness so that you can face what comes up for you.

As you grow into awareness your space opens up, clarity comes to you, and your suffering lessens.

These trauma care meditations take you beyond solid trauma-informed knowledge; they are your next step in working through the complexity of Trauma, PTSD, and CPTSD.

Meditations That Are Designed to Guide and Invite You, Slowly on; Step by Step, into Embodiment

You will likely start out on your healing journey by reading about Post-Traumatic Stress in order to understand your reactions and symptoms.

Solid knowledge helps to create a healthy cognitive framework. It provides a roadmap that guides your attempts to understand what you are going through, and how to lessen any blame, guilt or self-reproach you might have formed as a reaction to your symptoms.


New Zealand

They help to get the CPTSD back under control.

I have used more traditional meditation for a long time to help in managing CPTSD, but have often found these can be too confronting if I am in a particularly vulnerable place. Roland’s trauma care meditations are a brilliant alternative that offers ways to work at a more or less intense level depending on how I feel each day. These audios are really helping to get the CPTSD back under control and significantly reducing the impact it has on my day to day life. Thank you Roland



An eye opener for me!

These trauma care meditations have helped me to get back in touch with my body, emotions, and senses and are informative and interesting. Roland’s approach is compassionate and patient, and the gentle, guiding process helps me to feel safe, relaxed and confident. The explanation and guidance on control, anxiety, and resistance was an eye opener for me as I wasn’t even aware of all the control and resistance I was exercising.



Your meditations help me to become balanced.

I love to meditate, but it is difficult for me to avoid spacing out or getting overwhelmed by deep emotions. Your trauma care meditations help me to become balanced, being present, and not going too deep or get lost. Thank you for putting in so much effort, also with the email-reminders and short articles. I find them very clear and helpful.

Where Cognitive Work Flows into Working with Emotions

Cognitive work is essential, but it doesn’t necessarily shift anything on an emotional level.

On the other hand, working with a counselor or therapist individually might still be too daunting. To talk about and work through trauma– and especially trauma which happened during childhood– can be very challenging.

The Trauma Care Audio Guided Meditations Are Designed to Fill This Gap

These guided meditations address in depth the various aspects of dissociation; anger, sadness, or anxiety, symptoms of collapse, exhaustion and fatigue, hyperactivity, control, boundaries and vulnerability, and the fight-flight-freeze responses.

They will guide you towards feeling the sensations of your body once again– by slowly regulating your reentry– and will help you connect to your body sensations and how they relate to your particular symptoms.

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How Do These Meditations Work?

There is a deliberate sequence to these meditations: They start from the head and from there - slowly on - bring you back into the body by:

  1. 1
    Addressing disconnection and dissociation, the head and the busyness of thought;
  2. 2
    Working with the fight, flight and freeze activation, and illustrating how they relate to tensions in the neck, back of the head, and the adrenals and kidneys;
  3. 3
    Slowly moving further into the body by going into the heart and the chest area, allowing the feeling, weight, heaviness, and sadness to be felt and brought into awareness, to help you process emotional residue;
  4. 4
    Helping you work through anxiety, self-image, fatigue, depression and boundaries related to the liver, diaphragm, solar plexus, kidneys and the lower-back area; and
  5. 5
    Inviting you to safely engage with silence, while managing healthy boundaries and allowing vulnerability.

Roland Bal

My name is Roland Bal, and I am the founder of this website. I use a cognitive and somatic (body) based integrative approach to treat Complex Trauma and PTSD effectively. These meditations are designed to take you a step further on your healing journey by guiding you through the various processes and symptoms of trauma, while enabling you to ground and contain your responses to help you heal yourself. They are for anyone who has experienced some form of trauma and are seeking its resolution.


What's Inside the Trauma Care Audio Guided Meditations?

Have a look into what you are gaining from each meditation and which specific topics are being covered.

Click on each heading below to see what's inside.

000 Introduction

001 What is Meditation? (19:34)

002 Using the Breath to Access Body Awareness. (23:32)

003 Are My Fight, Flight and Freeze Responses Hijacking my Felt Sense. (16:13)

004 Early Life Dysfunctional Wiring and Healthy Nervous System Functioning. (25:17)

005 Meeting Fatigue, Exhaustion and Tiredness Constructively. (19:18)

006 Beyond Fatigue and Anxiety; Allowing Continued Awareness of Space. (18:29)

007 Coping with Anxiety and Control and Moving back into Relaxation. (21:45)

008 Contained Anger as Healthy Boundaries. (22:56)

009 The Movement of Desire out of Suffering. (13:57)

BONUS: Have a look at these three bonus meditations here below:

Extra001 Connecting with Energy. (21:29)

Extra002 Pain and Pleasure; Finding the Mid-line of the Nervous System. (19:12)

Extra003 Going Beyond the Known; Embracing Expansion and Fear. (22:16)

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Here’s what people are saying about these meditations

Have a look at these authentic testimonials from people who love Roland's work!


United States

You do have to start where you are.

I have found the meditations to be useful on a number of levels. They have helped me to better manage my anxiety and my response to intrusive memories; they have taught me a lot about myself, and they have taught me a lot about trauma. I listen to them often, and each time I learn something new. Roland's approach is logical, sensitive, and validating, which makes these an excellent resource for recovery. I recommend them highly and without reservation.


United States

They are simple and efficient.

I’ve always wanted to use meditation to my benefit. But, I was afraid because I didn’t know what I was doing and with severe disassociation, I knew I needed to be careful. The best thing about Roland’s meditations is that they are simple and efficient, and they don’t overwhelm you. I still have a long way to go, but they are teaching me how to sit with my emotions. To be able to acknowledge them and not, as before, push them away gives me back some power. I believe it’s the beginning of my healing process. I haven’t felt hope in a long time, and I can’t hold onto it for long, but just knowing it’s still there for me is amazing.


New Zealand

They have completely changed my perspective.

Thank you, Roland, for the audio meditations, I've been actively using them for about 1 month now and they have completely changed my perspective on my healing and allowed for lots of energy to start moving. For the first time in almost a year I could feel the breathing in my ribs after a meditation session. And I'm learning to be with my fatigue instead of fighting it which is proving effective. Your insight and soothing voice helps guide me to a space in which change can occur. Very grateful for your work.

The Advantages of The Trauma Care Audio Guided Meditations

  • There are many meditations out there, but hardly any of them are crafted for dealing specifically with trauma. These are, and they deliver.
  • These twelve trauma care meditations are the summary of nearly twenty years of experience in the field of trauma and healing. They convey the most fundamental insights into the processes of trauma and dissociation and how you can work through them.
  • Twelve trauma resolution oriented audios for less than the price of one individual session.
  • They are yours to keep and you can keep using them in times of need.

Why You Should Get These Meditations

These trauma care meditations will help you on your journey of recovery and help you to engage with more than just the cognitive part of trauma.

They are educational and have that element of carefully taking you back into the body to help you process emotional residue that is “stored” in your body cells and nervous system.

The different themes address the various aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress and gently guide you towards feeling like yourself again.

You are not alone.

Make that next step in your process!

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I can’t stress this enough: These aren’t your regular meditations.

They are the sum total of my many years of working in the field of trauma, and they are packed with valuable information in addition to the meditative aspect.

Have a look at how others have benefited

See what these people have to say about this audio course.



Major resource in healing trauma.

I have found Roland’s audio meditations to be a major resource for me in healing from trauma. I use them regularly. Roland’s knowledge of trauma is incredible and the meditations are delivered at slow and steady pace. I find this very helpful for keeping myself regulated and for building resilience.



Worth every penny spent.

I have been listening to the meditations and they are worth every penny spent. I have been working with a trauma therapist for several years, and I have learned and grown a lot, but these meditations have done more to help me connect with myself and my body in ways that I haven't done in the two years with my psychologist. I am very grateful to have these and will be listening to them regularly. Thank you so very much for creating them and making them available.l



You have gained my trust 100%.

​You are a master at meditation and your knowledge of Complex PTSD is beyond anything I have ever known. It is hard to trust when you suffer from trauma but you have gained my trust 100% with your caring and understanding approach. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to learn from you and experience the meditations that are so helpful.

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